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Subscription drive

On a nice review of Wilde Stories 2010, which I edited.

Lethe's sales are great but our cash flow remains less than ideal. One reason is because we've had to send out far more galleys and review copies to sites and jurors for awards. One award requested 6 books for 14 jurors rushed out. And bookstores, feeling the poor economy, have been slow in paying us.

We're just finished the mid-year royalty reports. I want to start paying people, so to help with our cash flow I'm offering a special deal on subscriptions to Icarus: The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction

Even if you're not gay, chances are (hell, I assume so if you're getting this email) you know someone who'd enjoy reading new stories of gay-themed fantasy, horror and science-fiction. Not to mention reviews, gossip, interviews and essays. Authors we've published include Hal Duncan, Tanith Lee, Jeff Mann and Alex Jeffers. And you could always donate a subscription to a gay youth or community center. Or a library.

You can see past issues here.

So here's the deal:

$40 - 4 issues, starting with either the Summer or Fall 2010 issue (your choice). That's a $12 savings off the cover price!

$50 - the 4 issues above plus a free copy of any Lethe Press title. I recommend a copy of Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories -- this has been a real success for us with a starred review in Booklist.

Diana Comet

$75 - a 2 yr subscription plus a free copy of any Lethe Press title.

Domestic USA or foreign, it doesn't make a difference!

Icarus 5

I'm hoping to add 50 new subscribers. That's my goal for this special which will last until September 1st.

Current subscribers, you can add another year to your subscription for only $35!

Lethe authors, if you want to get a subscription, email me for a special offer.

You can send us a check or Paypal us the funds:

Subscription options

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